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A Call to Prayer for our nation

Spoken by Charles Stanley on his television broadcast on Sunday, March 29, 2015..let this be a guide for you on how to pray for the United States of America.

Father, we are crying out to you in obedience to your word, humbling ourselves before you, knowing in our heart, that you desire to hear the prayers of your children, praying first of all our dear God for our hearts to be clean and pure committing ourselves to you humbling ourselves before you and acknowledging I need you, acknowledging I want you, acknowledging I desire you to guide me and to lead me and that every day would be a day of prayer, that every day I will come before you not sometimes, once in a while. Etch in my heart this morning as I kneel here, stand here, Lord I am making a commitment dear God to humble myself before you. I am making a commitment to cry out to you and to believe dear God that you hear and answer the prayers of your children. Oh Father, I ask that my heart would be clean today, and that, Lord, you would etch in my mind that I bow before you, I kneel before you, I stand before you saying Lord, I love this nation of ours , I love the propagation of the gospel, I want the world to hear the truth of the gospel and Lord you have given our nation freedom and liberty and you’ve provided the finances necessary to get the truth all around this world Dear God that we’re crying out to the sovereign God of this universe. You are our strength, you are our defense, and we pray for the defeat Dear God of the enemy and Father not just victory but that your name would be honored and lifted up and exalted that God of all Gods and the Lord of all Lords and the God who has all power and all might who knows all things we glorify you we honor you we love you we adore you we look to you as our salvation unto no one else we pray that you’ll change the minds and hearts of those who rule over us God we pray for great conviction. You said Lord turn away from all wickedness. God I pray that you’ll begin to etch that into the minds and hearts of your children Lord that none of that belongs to us. We are your children, the Holy family of the living God. So today we pray Father we want to make a move we want to make a mark we want to make a statement today God we as this remnant are trusting you for the forgiveness of sins that you’ll begin a change in the life of this nation you will protect us and turn us back to yourself God you know exactly what it takes to do that and that is our prayer. We love you and we praise you we thank you for this time that we can acknowledge our dependence upon you our love for you and acknowledge dear God our love for each other and acknowledge dear God the wonderful privilege of having the Word of God as our guidebook may it be our guidebook everyday of our life and we pray this in Jesus name looking forward to demonstrations of your power expressions of your awesome power In Jesus name, Amen.

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